Products: Utility Pumps

Utility pumps are used to transfer water from one source to another or to drain water from surfaces. Many of them are designed to drain water as close as 1/8" from the surface. Water being transferred may have some solids in the water, but they cannot be larger than 1/8'. They are typically used for draining water from sinks or tubs with clogged drains, emptying pools or spas, draining oil from engines (only certain utility pumps are capable of this so please read the directions carefully), draining excess water on flooded basement floors, etc.Utility pumps are either portable or submersible. Portable means they are designed to operate outside the water with a hose placed in the water. Submersible means they are designed to be submersed in water. Submersible pumps can be provided with no on/off switch, which means they are manually operated or have a 'smart' switch that will detect the absence of water and will therefore shut off the pump automatically.Since most utility pumps are made of plastic and rubber components, running them dry (running them without water circulating in them), will result in the pump overheating and melting the plastic and rubber components. As a result it is required that you physically monitor pumps provided without switches so you can unplug them when the task is complete.Select a utility pump below to get started, or contact our support team with any questions.